New bands for May1. The burgeoning North East music scene continues to impress with yet another fantastic band in Polarsets. Termed ”Ëœdeep disco’ there is shades of Friendly Fires and Fenech-Soler about them which basically means they’re an energetic electronic delight.

2. You know when I said there was a burgeoning North East Music scene?! Prison Library are yet another band from Newcastle. They’re urgent, intense and boy, are they raw. Their latest double A-side single was produced by Micky Ross of Frankie & The Heartstrings fame who seems to have a good ear for bands breaking through from Geordie shore..

3. It says a lot about the raw musical talent of a band when you listen to their brand new single and their demo of the very same song to find very little difference other than a slicker production and higher quality recording. The Heartbreaks are the band in question and if you haven’t heard “Jealous Don’t You Know” then listen..

4. As I write the future for Lower Dens is uncertain after the shock departure of guitarist and sometimes drummer Will. The band have assured us through twitter, that the band will continue in some form and for that I am grateful as they have produced some of the most subtle and chilled lo-fi guitar music of recent years..

5. There may be many reasons why Mammal Club have supported Everything Everything previously. However, I suspect it is because their sounds complement each other perfectly and appeal to a similar audience. So whats new you say?! Moves.. Mammal Club Moves.

6. Termed by the Guardian as ”Ëœexperimental dream pop delivered through a shoegaze haze’ Canadian band BRAIDS are certainly ones to watch. Deerhunter’s own Bradford Cox has demanded an encore from these guys previously..

7. Like Zola Jesus, Austra’s Katie Stelmanis has a searing almost operatic in places vocals which lift the dark and intense electronica to another level. They demonstrated quickly when they played at Islington Mill recently that they have what it takes to go to the next level. Can’t wait for their debut LP.

8. Beat Connection have been loosely compared to The Drums and Kisses and whilst there are merits in those comparisons, I think they actually do the band a bit of a disservice. The melodic synth-pop and Blake-esque vocoder use, offer an edgy sound to the summer on their Surf Noir EP.

9 . Female vocal led bands do seem de rigeur at the moment, and female duo Boy Friend’s new single “Love Dropper” is a stunning advert for why. Delivering dream pop in an exceptionally accomplished manner that belies the 5 month age of the band. This could easily be mistaken for Beach House on first listen..

10. Whilst progressive rock is not often mentioned on the trendier music blogs and press Trojan Horse are a band to ignore at your peril. There are beats aplenty, clear metal and rock influences and even dream soundscapes at work on their debut self titled album which has been going down a storm in The Greater Manchester area and beyond..

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