New bands aren’t just for Christmas …..

Iiiiiiiiiit’s CHRIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas …ok it’s not. It’s April. The arse end of April.Or May. But it’s never too early or late for a Christmas roundup of the musical highlights of the year so Keith Goldhanger provides one.

2013 is now in full swing and these lists are useless at the end of the year because at the end of the year EVERYONE is pissed and EVERYONE has a new favourite band and EVERYONE feels as though they’ve missed out on last year’s big secret (nothing’s a secret either or simply NO ONE would go out would they?) and EVERYONE has been reflecting when they should be looking forward more and simply soaking up what’s going on in the PRESENT.

I’ve already got my favourite bands of the year and some of them appear to be well looked after at the moment (gate crashing big gigs, getting their fair share of radio play and national press) and then there’s some that …well people simply don’t seem to give a fuck about yet and these are the ones I want you to hear.

If you’re one of those people who simply cannot afford the TWENTY QUID to go and see someone you’ve been reading about for the past year because someone’s spend load of currency on helping release a debut album that’s probably ACE because every time you read about this artist telling you it’s going to be ACE it usually actually is ACE or the SIXTY QUID or whatever it is people pay nowadays to stand in big arena’s watching bands well past their best (and we all know who they are don’t we?) Here are TEN artists that are probably (OK I’ll be honest here…DEFINITELY) currently struggling to get more than double figures into small basements, attics, back rooms and Vintage dress shops around the UK’s capital at the moment.

HALF an hour of stuff here that’s available week in week out and probably FREE.

Have a listen, Google or Facebook what you like.

Write to these people (they’ll write back !) …and the next thing you know you too will be standing in a half empty room one Wednesday night wondering where the fuck everyone else is and asking “who is that bloke staggering around in the ripped jeans, funny hat and sandals who seems to be everywhere that I go ?”

…..and you’ll get off the last tube with enough loose change in your pockets to get some chips on the way home….

…….If the chips shops are open still ……

……which they won’t be because they close before the last tubes nowadays (but we’re working on that).

Oh and if you feel put out because you don’t live in London and coming here to see a new band on a Tuesday would probably cost you seven hundred pounds then come and live here…someone’ll put you up……

Puff up  a cushion ….sit back and watch this …. you never know..they may turn up in your town one day and if you live somewhere else and think equally exciting things are happening there then I’m all ears.

Track One


Top video and top band from this half Swedish half East London outfit


Track Two


This bloke Dave right…<sniff> ‘e walks the walk, talks the talk, kisses the girls and can dance like Shakin’ Stephens. A bit Jesus and Mary Chain, a bit Glasvegas  a bit like the drums (remember them ?)but more showbiz. And as you know, there’s no business like it.


Track Three


From Whitburn, which is above Sunderland and to the right of Newcastle. Turns up in small Pubs and blows everyone away every time.

On a Piano. Two utterly ace single so far ..just listen…. Fuckin ace ..


Track Four


Droning loud distorted guitars long hair, long scarf ..looks cool sounds great – Thelightshines isalloneword …..


Track Five


Currently based in Brighton and are often spotted sleeping on cold railway waiting rooms.


Track Six


Already a stadium filler in my imaginative world and such is the trio I’m tempted on calling “the band of the year” at the moment that we’re wondering already if these very big tunes are already a touch TOO big for these tiny basements. Every song a gem. Every song as BIG as this …

 Track Seven


Imagine walking into a pub on a wet Wednesday evening well before bedtime and walking into this ..more about this lot elsewhere …soon ….


Track Eight


Fucked up Kurt & Courtney, Jesus Lizard, Shout quiet, Throw yourselves around a room music that YOU out there would fucking love, so get off your arses, put down those old Sub Pop compilations and get what’s happening right here right now.


Track Nine


Dead Kennedys with whistles and the band that everyone who used To go and see Fugazi, No means No, Silverfish etc back in the 80s should go and see as soon as they get the chance.


Track Ten 


One man, a few gadgets…a lot of anthemic synth driven tunes that make you gush all over …
or all in one go ..


All words by Keith Goldhanger. More of Keith’s work on Louder Than War can be found here.

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Keith Goldhanger -- Spent the 90's as a frontman with London noisemerchants HEADBUTT - spent the 80's in "Peel favourites" BASTARD KESTREL. Spent a few years mashing up tunes and remixing bands as HIDEOUS WHEEL INVENTION. Is often out and about getting in the way of things and bumping his head on low ceilings - drinks real ale, takes photo's has made a few short films. Will give your band the time of day but will dislike any band that balances full pints of alcohol on the top of guitar amps (Not keen on lead singers that wear hats either).


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