25. Disciple aka Spider Jaroo

Independent UK hip hop
26.JD Meatyard
Ex Calvin Party intense tunesmith still dealing in classic John Peel show musics

27. The Christophers

28. Dot Dash

New York post punk crew

29. Criminal Mind

New, young Bristol street punk mob.

30. Modern Alarms

Manchester rabble rousers with a penchant for great bass driven monster tunes like early Joy Division.

31. Doyle and the Fourfathers

Bookish post Smiths tight taut indie pop.

32. Swimming

Shoe gaze shimmerers

33. Air Cav

Mancunian music experimentalists

34. El Toro

Raging  twanging from Liverpudlian punk thrill seekers

35. The Temps

OK they were in last year’s but they have moved up a gear now and are ready with their post Jesus Lizard guitar violence.

36.Missed You at the Show?

Acoustic indie rock, quite poppy

37. Electricity In Our Homes

Get your quirk on! One moment dislocated and discordant the next Syd Barett tripped out pop- released on The Charlatans Tim Burgess’s new label, O Genesis.

38. Hooligan

Dublin punk crew who make great terrace punk anthems, will be huge in the States.

39. Vincent And The Onepots

Unashamed old school rock n roll punk that most ignored of genres. They are pretty damn good at it.

40. Demdike StareStrange Lancastrian trip from band named after a Pendle witch who combine ambience and brooding landscapes..

41. Chris Corsano

Free jazz punk drummer who sounds like a one man Shellac. His collaborations with various guests at festivals have been mind blowing.

42. Fallen Rule

Dublin rock n roll

43. Mount Fabric

Twisted Mancunian noiseniks

44. Bethia Beadman

Would have been higher on this but she already has an album out but to most people is still filed under new, can only be a matter of time before the breakthrough.

45. Lola Colt

46. Deathcapades

Recently tipped by Col Macgregor in our new Scottish band countdown this psyche crew hint at early Verve

47. V Thirteen

Named after BAD song and pushing new boundaries

48. Sharks

 Skinny Kool UK punks making big impression in America with thie Clash fuelled white riot.You can check out a video of their live performance right here.


49. Mummy Short Arms

One of a trio of great bands on great new Glasgow label, Flowers in the Dustbin. Captain Beefheart meets Sonic Youth.


50. For Abel
Another hot new band from the Flowers In The Dustbin label, flavour of the Wedding Present.


  1. How do people pick the name for their bands? What pick some words put them in a hat then draw and see what they get? Cause damn there is ALOT of stupid names.


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