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You The Living deal in a brilliant wash of Darkwave, Post-Punk, No Wave, Electronic music with their captivating demos, John Robb checks them out.


We say

You The Living create massive dark, melancholic slabs and washes  of sexy dark pop. Some would say Goth, some would say shoe gaze but some would be able to hear something stunning and original going on here. With their whispered vocals and intense ice cold slabs of guitar in the background this is a band creating something very. very special.

They have been been recording at Battery 2 with Flood and Alan Moulder’s engineer as well as some free time with Drew Smith who carved out the sound for Depeche Mode, Editors, Warpaint.

They say

A cavernous wash of pitch-shifted guitar, icy synths and ghostly, half-whispered boy-girl harmonies collide with clanking, distorted 808 beats and sonic battering rams of fuzz. Rather than being a contrast of sonic beauty and ugliness, You The Living bring them together in blissfully cacophonous harmony.










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