15078915_1180198588735603_5885923695908004669_nWitch Fever facebook page 

They say

‘Manchester based, all girl punk band WITCH FEVER, formed through the love of loud music and tits. Angry, honest and probs naked, bringing grungey riffs, a heavy beat and eclectic vocals!’


We say

Witch Fever are just what we needed.

A shot of raw the thrilling energy like a high octane caffeine rush.

The band deal in raw polemic but it’s laden with hooky riffs and that just about to collapse style of playing that we love – that edge of the precipice peering down, colliding riffs that somehow makes a perfect sense. They are raw, in you face and making a glorious and beautiful racket and are full of explosive and kinetic energy and collapsing new riffs and are going to make a noise musically and culturally…’



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