White Ape what for their tailor to return...
new band of the day : White Ape
White Ape what for their tailor to return…

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White Ape  second EP Kick It Down released via Sotones on 19th January 2015.






We say


You know some people are just too smart. So smart their heads spin with ideas and they talk in flights of fancy. these people don’t fit int the mundane groove of reality and the lucky ones end up making music.

White Ape is that sort of band.

They make dislocated and totally wired garage rock.

It takes the artful sneer of the best of post punk like Wire and rushes it with the infernal garage band beat. Like there is not enough time. And there is not enough time. They also make scratchy dislocated guitar pop. They could tour with Franz Ferdinand and get legions of fans, they could own late night radio and when there was  music press they would have been press pets.

In 2015 they are in the London gig underworld but are ready for mass attention.

They are truly fab, the dress sharp and they talk in manifetos and we love them.


They say


‘King Kong and Godzilla fighting with scaffolding poles: scabrous garage rock guitars, danced-up polyrhythms, absurdist humour and snottily infectious hooks. I apologise for the juxtaposition of imagery there: infection and snot, that’s not quite the image I want for our band.’



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