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New Band of the Day – TrampoleneWelsh three-piece Trampolene will be one to watch (and indeed listen to in 2014) so we thought we’d get you acquainted in more detail ahead of their hype. Francesca Quinn takes a listen to their recent double A side and gives you the low down on their raw rock sound.

Trampolene are an alternative band but one with a different and refreshing musical style.

They have a grunge twist to them on Under The Strobe Light and My Bourgeoisie girl that comes mostly from Nirvana (or Darlia by way of Nirvana); easily recognisable in the distorted riffs and way that the lyrics are delivered . The bass on both those tracks is amazing, it’s just a rich, heavy, fast, out of control explosion of notes that form a riff that’s truly exquisite.

But this isn’t all they do – other tracks bring the complete opposite of this grunge frenzy.

The main riff to Swansea To Hornsey reminds me quite a bit of the intro to Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for some reason, mainly down to the intricate John Frusciante-esque guitar. I love the laid back, relaxed, calm tempo – it’s one of those songs that takes a couple of listens to fully appreciate, but once you do, you can’t stop playing it.


On my first listen to Trampolene, I noticed the drums and vocals more than anything else, I love the kind of rough lyric delivery that reminds me a little of the way that Kurt Cobain delivered his poetry.

The chaos that is the drum beat; wonderful. At it’s best on Under The Strobe Light, where it’s anarchic and it’s loud. In fact, it’s perfect. Elsewhere this element of wildness on the tracks is reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys.

It sort of surprised me that I made no real remarks on the guitars initially – normally that’s one of the first things I notice and love – but I suppose that because it’s covered in a way by the drums, vocals and bass, I was too busy noticing all those great elements and appreciating them being there ,to listen for anything more.


Find Trampolene on Twitter and hear them on Soundcloud.

All words by Francesca Quinn. You can read more from Francesca on Louder Than War on her author page.


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