New Artist Of The Day: The SunsThe Suns have just released their new single, Surf Nightmare, on Howling Rhythm, and are playing Cavfest in Didsbury tomorrow, 21st September as well as a headline Manchester show in November.  

David Brown from Louder Than War spoke to them to find out a little more about their garage sound and why they chose to release an instrumental as a single.

Can you give me a brief history of the band please?

We’re a garage band from garage land….. Mark met Dave in Love’s, Mark and Dave met Liam outside Wetherspoons, Mark, Dave and Liam met Jono at The Cavern, Mark, Dave, Liam and Jono met John at Cruise.

The new single Surf Nightmare has a very classic garage vibe to it – are your influences from that area?

Yes and no. We do like garage but we do listen to Prince. As Hendrix said, two types of music, good and bad.

It’s an instrumental, which is an unusual move for a single. What made you choose that song?

That song chose us.

The video for the single is very interesting, with the pole dancer and the very lo-fi feel to it.   How did the idea for that come about.

Lo-fi because we recorded it in Liam’s Garage. The pole dancer danced at our Halloween show last year so thought we’d make use of her talents.

You’re playing Cavfest on September 21 for the second time, what made you get involved with the festival?

We got asked, so we got involved, we like getting involved, everybody needs to get involved.

What are your plans for the next few months in terms of releasing more music and touring?

About to record our next single and have a Halloween spectacular at Night & Day in Manchester, 1st November. And conquer the county with our new buddies Howling Rhythm.

The Suns play Cavfest in Didsbury tomorrow, the White Horse as part of Salford Music Festival next Thursday 26th September and headline their own show at Manchester’s Night And Day on November 1.

Their official website can be found here. They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

More information on Cavfest can be found here.

All words by David Brown, you can read more of his work for Louder Than War here.

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Having cut his teeth writing for Louder Than War, Dave set up his own blog Even The Stars and continues to make occasional contributions to Louder Than War. He also run Tim Booth from James' official website as well as the James fansite One Of The Three.


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