Irish youth crew who looks like a gang of young Keefs and take the razor sharp edge of pre fame mod fused British beat and crank it into the 21st century with a thrilling set of songs  


The Strypes facebook page


The band are from Cavan in Irleand.


Pete O’Hanlon (bass, harmonica), Evan Walsh (drums), Ross Farrelly (lead vocals, harmonica, percussion), Josh McClorey (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals).

Already written about on Louder Than War months ago but so good we have returned to them, The Strypes are pure adrenaline with a stunning cool with the whole band looking like a young Keef Richards before he ravaged himself. They are teenage, pre beat boom freaks who grab that smokey, small club, super mod vibe of 1962 when bands like the early Who, Stones and the proto Yardbirds were electrifying the London circuit. It’s that love of R n B when it meant R n B , raw blues and garage rock twisted into a shrapnel pop that is their coolest trick. They take this and somehow make it sound bang up to date with such a brilliant study of the sound that it totally belies their yourtful looks.

The teenage band have studied the form perfectly but are no museum piece. They strip the music back to the basics but are no dinosaurs. They bring a sharp and angular cool to the proceedings and look like they are barely above 20. Their songs are musicologist blues precision and they make that eternal yelp sound like forever. they are exciting and play with the conviction and belief that makes them perfect for this year.

This a shot of raw pure rock n roll blues power with a sharp mod edge and a studied cool that will be massive this year.


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