New band of the day: The Last Party in conversation

‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is the new single from one of Manchester’s brightest new groups; The Last Party

Front man Liam Manton talks LTW through the groups rapid rise in just over a year, and about their first single release.

LTW: Bonnie and Clyde, what a great single, just a great piece of guitar pop isn’t it, you happy with the bands first release then Liam

Liam Manton: I think our first single has surpassed any expectations we had as a band really. We were talking about it before the single launch last week, and it’s becoming a bit of a monster in terms of what it’s doing for us. Soccer AM featured it and gave the song 5*, a few other sporting broadcasters and TV shows have done the same, and everybody seems to love the tune. We were in South (nightclub) for the official after party for the single launch, and Clint stuck it on in there and introduced it ”“ and the place went mental”¦. I’ve never seen a dance floor bounce like that before, and I’ve watched a few documentaries on the old studio 54 days!!
I think we made the right decision in turning down one or two independent labels, to put the song out ourselves ”“ it’s smashing it!

LTW: Great Video as well, ‘Shameless’ Ciaran Griffiths doing what he does best, was it fun putting together?

LM: Ha-ha well.. The shoot was over two days (Sat/Sun) in Manchester. It was the first time any of us had done anything like this so to say we were excited is an understatement. We’re on set on day one… and it’s was pretty apparent that we weren’t going to be doing much on the first day, so”¦ we drank. And then we carried on drinking. The final scenes being shot on day one were in a nightclub, and we finished filming probably 10 minutes before it opened… so we decided to stay in there and pull some moves”¦ 5:30 am and we’re due on set in 3 hours”¦ lets just say day two was very hard work, and the memories are very vague! ”“ The director worked us hard”¦ but we enjoyed it!

I’ll always remember Ciarran walking down King Street with his hood up and hammer in hand”¦ I bet a few security guards rear ends were twitching that Saturday afternoon! But yeah, overall, a great experience, a great team effort and I think you can tell how much fun we had in the video!!

LTW: You’ve got a great sound, like the single sounds like it’s been written by a band that have a full record collection than just trying to sound like the Small Faces or who ever…

LM: You’re too kind! Well, we never really set out to emulate anyone or anything, you know? If anything I’d say our sound is one of ambition, I mean, yeah there are definitive reference points, and some of our record collections may spill into our sound, but we were sat in my bedroom writing the first batch of songs, experimenting with orchestra sounds before we even had a full band for fucks sake ha-ha!!! ”“ we just wanted to write classic pop songs, with a huge sound, and I think that’s what we’re doing.

I guess you could say we just waited until our craft was honed, before we went out and played live, and I think that’s one of the factors in why we’re doing so well, because we came out when we were ready ”“ people were surprised at the strength of the songs ”“ a lot of bands make the mistake of doing one or two rehearsals and then gigging instantly, we’ve all been there, and as tempting as it was, we knew how to resist the naivety and the urge to get out there until we were ready.

LTW: Your on tour right now aren’t you with your London gig coming up, hows it going?

LM: Well we started the tour with our single launch in Manchester ”“ which will go down in history. There was a real electric atmosphere all night, the place was the busiest night n day has ever been and we could have sold the venue out 4 times over, so it was a great night. That put a spring in our steps; we went down to London and again, another blinder! Will Young came down to see us; I don’t think he quite grasped the anti-talent show jibes in our video! Ha-ha, he did buy the single though ”“ so we’ll let him off!

LTW: ‘We could be Lovers’ is one of a few stand out tunes, what’s the big songs at your gigs right now

LM: To be honest, I don’t think there’s a weak song in our set, and we’re not afraid to drop songs if we think we have better options ”“ I don’t think we’ve played we could be lovers once this year, which is testament to how strong some of our other songs are, which haven’t yet been recorded.
A Thousand Smiles always closes the set in epic proportions. Everyone seems to love that tune and it always creates a real hands in the air, sing along moment. Personally, we’ve got a song called ”ËœDance Through The Fire’ which we’re probably saying will be our 2ndsingle ”“ someone came up to us in London and said it’s the ultimate pop song ”“ he then spilt beer on my shoes, but, we’ll take his word for it!. Everyone has their own favourites for whatever reasons I guess. Bonnie and Clyde has been a real pleasure to play, and hopefully, a pleasure to watch/see/hear!

LTW: It’s all happened so fast for the group hasn’t it…first gig in November to supporting The Charlatans to a host of great reviews as well as Johnny Marr commenting on The Last Party being ‘the brightest light in new music’, things are moving quick aren’t they

LM: Yeah it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, and one we’re enjoying riding! I think getting asked to support bands, and getting endorsed by people who have been there and done it is great, but the best confidence boost you can get is when you put on your own headline shows, like we did last week, and they sell out, and break records in terms of people trying to get in, and people being turned away. Our single launch was unreal, everyone in there seemed to know the words to the tunes too, even the ones we ain’t got recorded, which to this day is still baffling to me!

LTW: In fact Manchester has woken up a little to new bands, as a regular face around the city and the music scene have you seen more attention to bands like yourself, Frazer King and others, do you notice a ‘pick-up’ in new bands being listened too and given a chance now in Manchester?

LM: I think there has always been some great bands in Manchester, some real varied talent, you know, from acoustic acts to the more abstract stuff, it has always been there, I just think more people in Manchester now are going to gigs, and there definitely does seem to be groups of people who are passionate about the music scene.
The one thing that annoys me is how petty it can be sometimes, bands are afraid to say other bands are any good, I don’t think its intentional hate or anything like that, I just think there’s a subconscious or an attitude within a lot of bands where they’re afraid to talk about other bands or afraid to say anybodies any good because they think it may hamper their cause, fuck that, we’ve never been about that, we want to bring everybody together, from whatever social group you’re in and just have a good time.

Take for example our video, Bonnie & Clyde ”“ we purposely brought in established actors, we gave the female lead to an up and coming drama student, we roped in DJ’s, Photographers, local bands for cameos, we even emailed all the local performing arts colleges and gave students the opportunities to be extras, alongside some well established names ”“ we want nothing more than a big group of bands to get together, play together and have a good time together, it’s all well and good having little pockets of success secluded within social groups across the city, think what could be achieved if we all got together ”“ there’s no limit! Look at the success of our single, rubbing shoulders with the likes of bSKYb, talksport, ESPN, we’re achieving what major record labels sometimes can’t achieve, with massive budgets, all this is down to hard work, and just sticking together ”“ people power!

We tried to do that with our single launch too”¦ the opening band had never gigged in Manchester before, we gave them a leg up and let them play to a sell out venue ”“ no bigger bands in Manchester did anything to help us when we started, so we want to make sure we change that and support the scene!

New band of the day: The Last Party in conversation


LTW: Got to say you have a great look and really it’s right you should be fronting a band but can it sometimes be a hindrance being called Liam and having ‘the look’ and coming from Manchester, you know, preconceived ideas of what people expect maybe?

LM: I’ve never thought about it like that ”“ if people are narrow minded enough to draw musical conclusions based on a band members name, a hair cut or a shirt choice, then to be honest, that’s their problem isn’t it? With this band, the music has done the talking ”“ the songs and the live shows speak for themselves, and I think any ill-founded reservations people have had, or may have in the future will be put to bed by the quality of our music. Either way, doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

LTW: Its all coming together for The Last Party and the distance the band have come in such a short time pays testament to that, so what’s next for the band Liam, what plans do you have for the rest of 2012?

LM: 2012 has been brilliant, we’re only a quarter of a way in and we’ve already achieved more than we expected to. We’ve got the single out, it’s getting great TV/Press coverage, we’re getting some high profile support slots, we’re filling venues ”“ I guess we’re gonna continue to ride the wave! We’re speaking to a few management companies, labels & booking agents, so in time, we’ll put in a team around us who we think is right for the job, but as for the immediate future we’re just gonna keep at it, and keep the good ship sailing man! Going to announce some headline shows in June/July ”“ including a huge summer party in Manchester, so keep your eyes peeled! And see you down the front x

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  1. Some free MP3s of the band at httpss://

    facebook: /thelastpartyuk
    twitter: @the_last_party


  2. I got dragged along to the single launch by a friend who ‘believed the hype’ – it certainly wasnt sold out, it was busy but ive seen it alot busier for other unsigned bands. I wasnt impressed anyway!

  3. This band are brilliant, saw them at night and day, even better though were the support band called Scuttlers. Best band in Manchester

  4. ‘I\’d say our sound is one of ambition’

    whats the ambition? to be worse than anything else thats ever come out before?

  5. “no bigger bands in Manchester did anything to help us when we started”

    Id say the Charlatans are a pretty big band to give them their first gig!

    Just sayin’..

  6. Liam you really are a fame hungry arse licker. Most of what you say in this interview is untrue; you have been skulking round Manchester gig venues for years now in a depressing string of terrible bands. Stop believing your own hype.

    Did you put Will Young\’s penis in your mouth and ask him for a support slot like you did Tim Burgess? Despicable!

    The most laughable statement is this one…..

    ‘The one thing that annoys me is how petty it can be sometimes, bands are afraid to say other bands are any good’

    This is exactly what you have been doing for the last 5 years. Don\’t be silly.
    Most people who have had anything to do with unsigned music in Manchester know you as the Idiot out of The Pedestrians who can\’t sing.

  7. I also went to the ‘night and day’ gig and I found it to be a great performance! shame about the venue but the performance was very entertaining. A talented band despite an over-zealous lead singer!

  8. There are plenty of good bands around, some that deserve more than others, the only way forward for all musicians is to work hard at what you do, gig alot, never turn down a gig, unless its pay2play, (which should be banned). Really good unsigned bands i’ve seen over recent years are Moloko Knives/Catfish & the Bottlemen/The Way/The Sett/Modern Alarms/ i could go on and on as i watch about 3/6 bands a week, i can’t comment on The Last Party as i’ve never seen them live, but the main thing is, they’re out there doing it, and thats all that matters.

  9. Hi

    I am studying music at college and wondered if the band were reading this if they could answer my question?

    I am interested to know why it was that you decided to turn down two Independant record lables and in what way you felt it was more beneficial to the band to release the single yourselves?

    Also, what record labels were they out of interest?

    Many thanks

    Sarah x

  10. they really are quite bad. i saw the gig at night and day, loads of hype but didn’t deliver musically. Just not very good. Went to janice graham at the ritz, not normally my cup of tea but I can’t argue with their talent. Great music

  11. Im absolutely amazed people haven’t cottoned on. Can’t anybody see these are utter dirge. I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than listen to that song ever again and don’t get me started on mantons narcissistic babble. Just call yourselves Viva brother 2.0 and have done. Awful awful awful. LTW you should know better don’t think manton will feel you tongue up his arse his head is already in there.

  12. Right, let’s be serious about this. I’d honestly never heard of this band before I saw them last night (supporting Various Cruelties) and they were perfectly decent. They weren’t ‘t the bestvI’ve seen but they are much better than half the other crap I’ve seen out there. I can’t help but think that these negativity stems from hayred of the singer bloke (annoying but someone probably likes it) and doesn’t actually comment on therest. The tune is half decent, the video is good, the band are probably tools

  13. This band are living proof of what can be achieved if you talk a good game and manage to fool a few people in positions of music industry power along the way.

    They’d have you think that things are going fantastically. A busy single launch, a track played on soccer AM, hollyoaks actors in their videos. The reality is though that the only people who can’t see that this band are absolutely dire are those that allow themselves to believe the band propaganda.

    Their facebook biography makes them out to be a platinum-selling band, in reality it’s clearly been written by Manton and wreaks of desperation to paint a picture of ‘the band on the up’. The reality is they have 600 likes, miles behind the likes of the Quangos and Janice Graham band who appear to legitimately making waves in the Manchester music scene.

    The reality of the Last Party is that they are simply next on the long conveyor-belt of appalling Liam Manton creations. I could realistically count on my hands and feet the amount of people who genuinely think they have talent. YouTube videos have 200 or so views with mostly dislikes voted on the ‘like’ bars. (unheard of for an unsigned band as friends mostly watch their videos).

    The bands sound is heart-wrenchingly irritating. Loud, high pitched keyboards dominate to music despite wanting the listener to rip out their own ear drums. Manton has as bad a voice of any frontman i’ve ever heard and somehow still manages to sound appalling in Bonnie and Clyde even though the recording probably cost thousands of pounds. He is a scruffy, uncomfortable-looking guitarist, too, flicking at the strings from all angles making for a very poor sound.

    Despite what Clint Boon might think, he DOES NOT ooze star quality. This is why he’s forced to be quite so over the top on stage, in a veiled attempt to divert attention away from the fact that he actually has little or no talent what so over. He walks out on stage, sweating profusely, and sees how many more idiots he can round up onto his bandwagon.

    They are nothing more than living proof that walking around and acting like a complete cunt can fool a few people into giving you a chance. But anyone with half a brain can see that they’re far from what they’d want you to believe they are (i,e, a talented, on the up, cool, good band) and are infact utterly dog shite.

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can can’t fool all the people all the time.


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