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The G-O-D defy their own history.

Obviously this is a stellar line up with key faces who have done service in some of Manchester’s most loved and most cuttinge edge but there is no laurel resting here.

The brand spanking new band from Chris Bridgett ( Dub Sex, Rude Club) , Simon Wolstencroft ( The Fall, Ian Brown) and Karl Hildebrandt play their first ever headline show at The Klondyke in Levenshulme this Saturday the 20th of February.

When asked to describe the band’s sound Chris Bridgett said “We’re a rock band mate, a punk rock band.”

The G-O-D are 3 gigs old have a load of great songs that sound huge live so grab the 192 down Stockport Rd and see them this Saturday on stage at 9pm at the Holy Trinity and you too can say “I Was there!”


more info on the gig below


Listen to the band’s demo here


tickets for the gig here:


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