The Franceens

New Artist of the Day: The FranceensThe Franceens are a York based three piece that combine garage punk with 50s rock ‘n’ roll; this makes for a ferocious hybrid with a dark underbelly.

The band released their first EP ‘Duck and Cover’ in March 2013, which was released on their own DIY label; the DIY ethic is something which they vehemently adhere to as it seemingly courses through their veins.

After joining TNS records in September the band had their first taste of major radio-time, as their single “Attack” was played on BBC Radio 1 by Mike Davies on The Lockup show. The Franceens support their local scene in York by hosting their own monthly garage/punk gigs, as well as gigging relentlessly themselves.

The Duck and Cover EP was followed up in November with The Franceens releasing their debut album Stepford Smiles; not surprisingly the band has whipped up a lot of attention in a short space of time with an explosive debut album and fierce live gigs.



The Franceens can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Read Phil Newall’s review of The Franceens debut album Stepford Smiles here.

All words by Leanne Durr. Read more by Leanne on Louder Than War at her author’s archive.

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