New Band of the Day – Super Fast Girle Show

New Band of the Day – Super Fast Girle Show

On the 22nd October LTW boss John Robb raised the question “Is the bass guitar dying out?”

He further asked the rhetorical question “And what’s missing? – The bass is missing.” The article prompted great debate; debate is all well and good, however I often require something more physical and having just witnessed the aural onslaught that is Super Fast Girlie Show there is little to compete with the twin bass visceral noise assault they produce.

The sound is akin to Motorhead minus Phil Campbell’s guitar, a wall of deep rhythmic sound, pummeling beats raining down; it’s like standing downside of a Tornado jet, waves of raw noise flailing at you, beating you into submission.

Super Fast Girlie Show is the brainchild and long term project of bassist and singer Pasha Coxhill. Born and raised somewhere down south, the exact location is irrelevant – Pasha moved permanently to Liverpool were he owns and runs a bicycle shop in the city centre spending his time building, rebuilding and customising regular push bikes.

His love of all things hands on and dirty lends itself to the Super Fast Girlie Show sound which is uncompromising; its gritty, raw and unvarnished – in short, a glorious head rush noise fuck!!. Their debut release; the 10-track 7” ‘All Hooves and Cucumber’ (Antipop Records) is a basically a live record with a few tweaks. They invited a bunch of friends to experience it and the whole thing was documented on camera in a short film.


The line-up is currently Pasha Coxhill, plus producer and fellow bassist Phil Hartley and drummer Allan William Jones. The pair joined Coxhill after becoming a unit that supplied rhythm section to first The Drella’s and now Space.

It was this line-up that took to the Kazimier stage and laid waste to all who stood witness, Phil Hartley – bass slung low, connected to an array of gates and pedals; the resulting sound plunged the very depths of sonic capability, Coxhill across stage providing a mid range sound, all of which is powered by thunderous frenetic drum patterns; for terms of reference think Big Black crossed with Death From Above 1979, the addition of Phil Hartley not only brings more depth, more texture, and a certain swagger to the sound but provides a visual spectacle as he stalks the stage, pausing as the demons take hold before exploding in a whirlwind of head-banging release as he submits to the power of the bass…the vocals roar struggling to climb above cacophony; the themes range from cheating girlfriends (Zocolilla) to The Apprentice – there are no ballads, there are no mid pace numbers, there are no breakdowns, no middle eight – there is however a relentless, tangible battering ram of sound heading straight for your own cerebral cortex; as this washes over you it’s pure exhilaration.

New Band of the Day – Super Fast Girle Show

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess. There have been more drummers in this band than in Spinal Tap but maybe this is the final piece of the Super Fast Girlie Show revolving door of members.

If the debut performance of the latest trio is anything to go by, the future months could be very interesting times for Coxhill and co. again.

‘All Hooves And Cucumber’ is available from Antipop Records – the  strictly limited hand numbered 7” comes with a download package that includes bonus tracks, a video of the recording, press photos, lyric sheets etc.

On the 3rd November Super Fast Girlie Show answered John’s question with an unequivocal “No”

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