This is excellent.

The third release from Silver Arm on Big Tea Records packs the power of punk sieved through the avalanche of grunge and twisted with the captivating darkness of that line between post punk and goth. You can hear echoes of Dischord Records jamming with Bauhaus, the Chameleons, Dirk era Adam And The Ants with a Picies dynamic and a Nirvana emotional rush and  a 21st century intensity- it’s that good.

Released on a limited white 10” vinyl of just 300 copies, with a printed inner sleeve and free MP3 download code, the four track EP are full of power and a glacial intensity and some truly great vocals and has gene been getting play on 6music which doesn’t normally stray into rock territory that much.

Silver Arm features former members of Mercury nominated Maps. LTD 10″ on White vinyl with Printed inner sleeve.

Silver Arm website.

Here’s the link to pre order the EP.


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