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Derby stoner punk band Replica Jesus deep and dark grooves of melodic hardcore and it’s time you gave them a listen. 

A strobing silhouette outlined in pink and blue light as he jumps from the stage, Replica Jesus frontman Mat Davies straightens his tie and screams a primal, bone crushing scream into the mic as he stalks the floor.

They’re the first band to play the new stage at the Hairy Dog in Derby but with a smallish crowd on this weekday night they mean not to stay separated from the onlookers but take their brutally melodic sound into the wider space.

Live they were balls of barely contained frustration, fingers pointing evangelically, suppressed frustration in every raging note as they twitch in their matching white shirts and thin black ties. This is a band with a sharp look to match their viciously sharp sound.

With elements of punk, metal and fuzzed our stoner / psych it’s also an intriguing sound and a really fucking brilliantly loud one. There’s breathtaking riffs and mind-melting rhythm wrapped around a vocal that looks as if it will tear Davies apart at any moment. Together it’s a bone-crushing, soul-soaring petite mort of noise.

Last single Everything Rots (backed with the equally immense Tonight We Play God (Parts 1 & 2)) was released at the tail end of next year and with a slew of headline shows and support slots planned in 2016 it’s time you made sure you’ve had your being throughly imploded by one of the best noise bands around at the moment.



You can find Replica Jesus on Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Sarah Lay. You can find Sarah on Twitter, read her words about music on Louder Than War here and hear her providing our recommended track of the week on Pete Darrington’s The Rumble on Radio Andra from 8pm (UK time) on Tuesdays.

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  1. Blimey. These guys are ace. Derby is certainly catching up to Nottingham in the awesome local band stakes (although I am biased). Look forward to catching Replica Jesus sometime soon in either city. Always willing to travel for a good band.


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