Little Night Terrors

Did Marlon Brando ever film in Midlands? Any Brando aficionados let us know, we’ll help Leicester brothers Andy & James Stone to find out just how distant a relative The Wild One is, after all a Godfather could be useful.

Thankfully guitarist and frontman Andy, drummer James and bassist Dan Holyoak’s momenta is not on genealogy.  Little Night Terrors, as they are collectively known, are concentrated on conceiving little neon explosions of energized indie rock mixed with jangly pop blended together with a particularly curious blend of lyrics: malevolently strutting, mischievously quirky yet occasionally tender and impassioned. Currently, the Midlanders are doing many musical things in a farmhouse somewhere in Kent with Arctic Monkey’s producer Simon Barnicott.

It was back during the dark nights of December 2010 when the acerbic EP Witches become an instant infatuation. The title track is a solid whirl of rock n’ roll hedonism while What’s Your Persuasion is a darkened, heavy, twistingly gothic declaration of loathing or could it be love? It meant a swift search for their back catalogue throwing up the band’s first release another EP Fang and 5 more tracks each with distinct individual personality traits that form and sparkle as you listen. Young Lion is especially affable with its anthemic chorus and loose-fit grooves: live this must be joyfulness personified.


Last year saw Little Night Terrors tour the UK not once but twice, with legendary sell out live shows, plus the release of two singles. First Pocket Rocket (Where the Light is) a dynamic bundle of synth, fluctuating guitars and verbosely gleeful drums, it’s lightweight in a summery haze way and with lines such ‘Her cheekbones make me want to sing a thousand symphonies’ there are hints of saccharine but never to excess. September saw a single version of Young Lion, making the official video at their sell out date at the O2 Academy. Both singles have strong and accessible B side’s, offering further evidence of their diversity.


So here we are 2013 and Little Night Terrors mark out this as the year to wake up and take notice right from the start, their new song Pure: is a smooth indie pop track, seemingly amplified fears Darkness all around me, it’s closing in. The lyrics in dispute with the delightfully upbeat melody as the synth swirls the euphoric chorus plays further still with the contrasting images of light and dark.


Not only is there a Little Night Terrors YouTube channel, which is worth watching all of (repeatedly) they have an awesome website that will reward you with a free download for subscribing, a popular Twitter feed, Facebook page and some spring dates that we urge you to get to.

27th March – PRS Almost Famous Night – London 229 Club

29th March – This Feeling Club Night – London The Macbeth

30th March – This Feeling Club Night – Leicester Sumo

All words by Katie Clare. Find more by Katie on Louder Than War.

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  1. Just wanted to say, checked out this band after this feature and absolutely love them. Going to be heading on down to their night at the Sumo, can’t believe i’ve never heard about them before, coming from Leicester and all. Love it. Maz

    • Great to hear it’s a big part of why we do what we do. Hope you got your ticket for Sumo I have no doubts it will be a great night.

  2. Seen these boys a few times live and each time they get bigger and better, never fail to impress!! 2013 is definitely their year! Young lion is a massive tune. Check them oooout!

  3. These guys are freaking awesome, loving the sound. Definitely one to watch. Can’t wait to see them at Sumo, Leicester. If you’re not on it yet then check them out.

  4. Thanks a lot for introducing me to this band, been checking out there music all morning and loving what I’m hearing. Will definitely be looking out for manchester shows
    Top stuff

    • Happy to hear Henry ~ subscribe to their website you’ll get the news of any Manchester shows direct from the band.


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