Joyland by Tom Skipp

Up and coming trio Joyland’s epic sound is hailed by Keith Goldhanger as the new hope for dark, guitar based indie rock.

There’s a bin in the corner surrounded by screwed up bits of paper about how wonderful I think this band is and how, on just the first listen you’ll all fall in love with this band’s music and how marvelous it is being able to go out in London week after week and watch them play in front of slowly increasing audiences without having to spend a week’s groceries budget. Some of these bits of paper have stories on them that are not necessary for your eyes – explaining why they don’t have a bass player and why their drummer stands up and has his bass drum raised high in the air at a 90 degree angle from the norm. It’s been decided that you won’t be interested in any of that nonsense. Just sticking a couple of links on this page and going “there you go, fill yr boots” may just be enough.

If I was any good at all this I’d probably explain to you how they fit amongst all those Glasvegas, Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies, Six by Seven and Ian McCulloch recordings you all own. If I was standing on your doorstep with a handful of CD’s I’d even mention MGMT, Flaming Lips, Ash, White Lies….even The Killers.

If you’re the type of music lovin’ fan who has a habit of clicking on that little triangle (aka the the play Ikon) whenever it’s thrown in front of you then you’ll thank us for this one. Make the effort to come along and see Joyland live and you’ll see and hear something very special, something you’re probably used to hearing without being able to put your finger on what it is.
In an age where every band in the universe have been tipped as bright young hopes for 2013 (and yes, Joyland have already been included on XFM’s list as well as a couple of other peoples) – We’ve decided to wait a bit.

The best bands of 2015, yes 2015! list starts here, and although I still don’t know what the criteria is for celebrating a band’s success (Match of the Day montages? B & Q adverts? Jools Holland? Mercury nominees? Has my mum heard about this yet?….), all I’m sitting back and waiting for now is that day when we’re all standing in a field together, watching people fall in love and singing along to some of these big sounding songs, all of which appear to be not much longer than two and a half minutes…These songs which I’ve had in my collection for over a year now whilst pointing to people and hugging each other because we knew we were right all those years ago that we remember as being called 2012 and asking, what happened to all those bands that were tipped for great things in 2013 and why wasn’t anyone tipped for success in 2014? Welcome to JOYLAND.

This is their debut single:


(And below is Keith’s remix of the above single – Ed)

And you haven’t even heard “I Can Electric” or “Sea States” yet.

There y’go…You love ’em already doncha? See you at the next gig – you can all buy me a drink. xx

Joyland is on Twitter and Facebook.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found here.

All words by Keith Goldhangar. More articles by Keith can be found here.

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