Iron Witch describe themselves as Outlaws of the Delta Blues, Louder Than War’s Gene Spencer thinks we should be listening.

The press release accompanying ‘Death Was the Colour/Hangover Suicide’, Iron Witch’s latest 7” release on Endtyme Records recalls the band’s whiskey-sodden, spiteful emergence from the muddy banks of the Mersey Delta. Belly-down in the tortured mire of the UK Sludge / Doom scene, Iron Witch continue to menace the ears of their audiences, relentlessly advancing through the pools of feedback and vitriol like a vengeful Frankenstein with broken legs and a headful of Bath Salts. Following on from their debut EP ‘Single Malt’ and the filthy vibes of the follow-up ‘Post-Vegas Blues’, ‘Hangover Suicide’ mainlines a potent cocktail of Bourbon stained blues jams and jarring hardcore aggression straight to the cerebral cortex. The intoxicating effects are similar to dosing up on Warfarin and Special Brew and stepping off the pavement to dance head-on with an oncoming juggernaut.


Produced by Bri Doom (Lazarus Blackstar/Doom) at 1in12 Studios, ‘Hangover Suicide’ cages the meat-grinder essence of Iron Witch’s impressive live performances with luminaries such as Corrosion of Conformity, Municipal Waste, Torche and Conan, to showcase the uncompromising low frequency barrage of the band’s strongest material to date. The riffs grind like the terminal gear changes of a tubercular machine, the shattering beats drop like paving slabs thrown from a tower block, and only vocalist Chris Fane’s agonised screams manage to hold back the oozing deluge of sound unleashed by Liverpool’s ‘Outlaws of the Delta Blues’.

The band’s Facebook page lists their interests as ‘amplified negativity’ and while that is a concise critical summary of their musical approach, this latest offering, due for release as limited run vinyl and download on February 13th, positively reeks of unrestrained indulgence. And with gigs in March at The Exchange in Bristol on the 9th, Mello Mello in Liverpool on the 23rd and April’s mini-tour through London (The Unicorn – 18th), Birmingham (Scruffy Murphy’s – 19th) and Manchester (Gulliver’s – 20th), all with Diesel King and Burden of the Noose, there’s plenty of opportunity to see ‘em live, where the music is meant to be experienced.

Iron Witch are on Facebook here. They are also on Twitter as @ironwitch1977 and you can hold of their recordings on Bandcamp here.

All words by Gene Spencer. More words by Gene on Louder Than War can be found here.

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