New Band Of The Day: Icepops For Breakfast

New Band Of The Day: Icepops For Breakfast

Whilst at the recent Chicken Stock Festival in Liverpool I was able to catch the final three songs from the intriguingly named Icepops For Breakfast and was instantly taken by insanely catchy indie pop ”“ think a blend of Ballboy with perhaps The Shop Assistants and you are in the right area.

Icepops for Breakfast are a five piece from Lancaster, Lancashire. They write catchy, melodic indie pop songs about kissing, making mix tapes, their love for Stuart Maconie and a popular brand of cigarette rolling papers. Some songs are longer than others, but say everything they need to without waffling on.

The band formed in late 2010, and comprises of Benni Beard (Vocals) and Stephie Harris (Vocals & Melodica), with Clem Clemson (Drums) the mysterious SilentMark (Bass) and Greg Mitchell (Guitar)

The band’s first gig was a local Battle of the Bands in which they came second, missing out on the top spot by a single point. Undeterred by such set-backs they have since played a shed load of gigs supporting the likes of Art Brut, Misty’s Big Adventure, Abdoujaparov, Jim Bob, The Indelicates, The Lovely Eggs, Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies, and The Heartbreaks.

In January 2012 they released their debut EP ”˜Iced Pop Vol. 1′ (Corporate Records) which gained multiple plays on local station BBC Radio Lancashire, though strangely none on the Stuart Maconie show, despite Benni hand delivering a copy to him – maybe modesty or strange BBC rulings prevented him granting the EP airtime though in private (perhaps) he did declare the EP to be the finest pop ever held down to vinyl.


Following gigs and festival appearances throughout the summer they are scheduled to return to the studio when ”˜Iced Pop Vol. 2′ will be crafted. The EP to be released via Corporate Records should be ready for release in October 2012.

As the nights start to draw in it might be time for a reminder of the passing summer, Icepops for Breakfast are all about fun times and instantly catchy fun songs…give then a listen, then pester Mr Maconie to play their records.

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