New Band Of The Day: Guile.

Guile have been touted as one of the best unsigned bands to come out of the Midlands for what seems like years now. Finally signed to the local Salvation Recording Company, their potent mix of blues, psychedelia and punk looks set to reach the wider audience they deserve.

Hailing from the old mining town of Cannock, in the heart of the abandoned coalfields of South Staffordshire, Guile summon up a dark, heady brew of influences to create something all their own. Mixing elements of the Gun Club, the MC5, Johnny Cash, the Jesus and Mary Chain with their own brutal, romantic worldview, Guile are that wonderful thing; an instinctive rock ”˜n’ roll band. Confident and cocksure one minute and intimate dreamers the next, there is no artifice or contrivance to Guile. Their passionate English country blues firestorm is from the only place true rock ”˜n’ roll can come from ”“ straight from the heart.

Like all the best bands Guile are more than the sum of their parts, but at their core are the Sawyer bothers. Lead guitarist Jon contributing stunning psychedelic tinged motifs that climb inside your head and then dig their heels in, refusing to move, overlaying a dirty rhythm playing that echoes all the way back to Link Wray. Alongside him brother and laconic frontman Neal Sawyer possess a deep cracked baritone voice that can deliver roaring angst and fragile soulful beauty with equal conviction.

Neal’s vocal style has previously been compared to The Saints Chris Bailey, Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan, he sits well in such company.

Guile have already toured the length and breadth of the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton and all points in between, as well as taking up an invitation to play a festival in Portugal last year. Now, finally, their debut album ”˜Alone On The West’ is available worldwide as a digital download after selling out of a pre-release CD version. Open your heart to a true rock ”˜n’ roll band ”“ Guile.

To celebrate the release of the album Guile will be returning to one of their favourite venues, The Flapper in Birmingham on 2nd June. Tickets are priced £5.00 and are available from this link.

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