New Band Of The Day: Golden Fable

Lurking in the mist shrouded hillsides of North Wales are a band who have the potential to be one of the most important to emerge from this region since the legendary Yr Anhrefn last plugged in their amps. Dave Jennings has a chat with Golden Fable.

Golden Fable are two imaginative and creative musicians who drink in the power and beauty of their environment and mix it with spectral vocals to produce an unforgettable multi-layered sound. Before the recent launch of their outstanding debut album, Tim and Rebecca took the time to speak to LTW about the album, their influences and why they chose a medieval church to celebrate the album’s release.

They may already be familiar to many as ”ËœTim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band’, as Tim explains:

“That was a project that began at university and went really well. Everyone got jobs so Rebecca and I decided to give it a go and incorporate her vocals with electronic music. We played a few tours, Bestival and Latitude and did sessions for Radio 1 and 6Music. We really enjoyed it but circumstances change and we’ve matured as song writers. We do things differently now in terms of how we record so that’s how Golden Fable was born.”

The name springs from Rebecca’s love of fables and the morals they are all about, whilst ”Ëœgolden’ hints at the warmth they try to bring to their music.

Rebecca explains how they draw inspiration from their surroundings and lifestyle:

“A typical day will see Tim letting out the birds and feeding them and the dogs. Then we’ll go for a long walk with fantastic views of Snowdonia which we both love, I’m definitely inspired lyrically in that way. Later on we’ll go into our studio and record. We’re really lucky as our studio is a rare one that has windows so we can enjoy the views while we’re working. We actually filmed the video for the single ”ËœSugarloaf’ in Snowdonia.

Rebecca referenced some interesting influences on the Golden Fable sound, “I was in a church choir and have a more classical approach to our sound, whereas Tim has a more organic, self-taught kind of background and we manage to amalgamate the two quite well. I’m also really inspired by where we live, the landscape of North Wales and all the mystery and legends that go with it.”

Tim’s love of Radiohead and Caribou, alongside a classical guitar style is a strong platform on which to build their sound. Having a studio at home enables them to experiment with a growing collection of instruments from a circle of friends who are skilled in rescue and repair. Tim explains”…

“There’s a lot of discovery in the writing process. I may start with a chord progression, or manipulate a noise or drum beat, Rebecca will then add some lyrics and we’ll build on it with a melody.” Their’s is a complex and deep sound that presents a challenge to reproduce live, but in a memorable launch of their new album, ”ËœStar Map’, at St Giles’s Church in Wrexham, Golden Fable proved that this will be no barrier as they turned in an outstanding live performance. A rapt audience were treated to a set that incorporated drums and guitar as well as synths. Maybe the highlight was when Tim and Rebecca moved down the aisle of the church to perform some stripped back acoustic versions of their own songs alongside an unforgettable cover of the Manic’s ”ËœMotorcycle Emptiness’. They produced a timeless, yet thoroughly contemporary sound in an ancient environment that suited the evening perfectly.

In addition to the just-released ”ËœStar Map’, the creative energy of Golden Fable has continued to flow and the band already has plenty of new material. Their ambition is to become respected musicians and to develop longevity in their ability to write. As Rebecca said…

“We just hope people continue to enjoy the music for a long time.”

There is a free download of a bonus acoustic track here.

For more information about Golden Fable’s debut album ”ËœStar Map’, please visit the bands Bandcamp page.

In the near future Golden Fable will be touring with Field Music and also appearing at the Swn Festival in Cardiff, before starting work on their next album. Try to catch them if you can at one of the below dates or just visit this link where you’ll also be able to find details regarding purchasing tickets.

Sep 22
Daylight Music @ Union Chapel
London, United Kingdom

Oct 03
The Lemon Tree (with Field Music)
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Oct 04
Oran Mor (with Field Music)
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oct 05
The Cockpit (with Field Music)
Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 06
Kazimier (with Field Music)
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Oct 17
Electric Ballroom (with Field Music)
London, United Kingdom
Oct 18
The Haunt (with Field Music)
Brighton, United Kingdom
Oct 19
The Komedia (with Field Music)
Bath, United Kingdom
Oct 20
Warwick Arts Centre (with Field Music)
Coventry, United Kingdom
Oct 21
SWN Festival
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Nov 09
Kraak Gallery
Manchester, United Kingdom

All words by Dave Jennings. You can read more from Dave on LTW here.

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