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Fast rising UK rock band Freeway Mad are four young rockers who have brought a new shine to an old form – old school rock. This classic form that has been semi forgotten in media terms in the mist of time has been giving a new life by the band and a reminder of the potent power of the form. Bringing youth and new ideas to a classic style and swimming against the tide is always a perfect and potent combination and with their deep love of the classic and young energy it’s easy to see why the band are building up a big reputation.

Immersed in the long flowing locks and high decibel of the old rock, Freeway Mad have somehow pulled off a neat trick in making the music sound 21st century and vital. This could be why they are building up a big following on the live circuit – a place where reputations are earned and not created by hype.

Because there is still such a residual love for old school British rock in the USA it’s no wonder the band have got a large amount of interest from promoters and festivals there and LTW feel that the group are quite capable of ‘doing a Def Leppard’ in America.


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