New band of the day : Effluence

New band of the day Effluence

new band of the day : Effluence

new band of the day : Effluence

Last year I was a judge at one of those Battle Of The Bands competitions.
A sort of low rent Simon Cowell.
The standard was pretty high but there was one band that really stood out.

Effluence are a three price from mid Lancashire. Three wiry kids who make a massive noise.

Like an intense and wild version of early Nirvana crammed into Muse; they were explosive and intelligent but also armed with some really great songs with an flapping, skinny rag doll of a frontman. Effluence will rock the festivals and are living proof that genius guitar noise is alive and well out there.

Their debut single is about to be released on Music Cuisine. We were going to release it on the about to be launched Louder Than War label but felt Music Cuisine was a better set up for them.

Latest tracks by Effluence.


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  1. top band! made there first 3 EPs at my studio :)

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