New Band Of The Day: Eagulls

Leeds band Eagulls have been sending ‘the blogs’ into a tizzy since they first broke out in 2010 following a recommendation from their contemporaries Pulled Apart By Horses. We mentioned them briefly back in 2011 in one of Shell Zenner’s posts, now it’s time for a longer piece about the band.

I reviewed Bristol’s Simple Things festival a few months back & I remember saying of one of the bands “we really should have this band as a new band of the day some time soon”. Well, today that bands time has come. Step on down Eaagulls.

I first heard Eagulls through Huw Stephens Radio 1 show. Seems like aeons ago now (must have been 2010 some time) & if I remember rightly he’d been tipped off about them by fellow Leedsters Pulled Apart By Horses. Naturally my ears pricked up immediately when he said that as I know for a fact that the judgment of PABH’s is pretty spot on.

Despite being recommended by PABH’s they are far from a PABH clone in that they are way less grungey & way more melodic. They do share certain of that bands traits though, for instance they’re a heavy rock band without being a rock band & they’re a hardcore band without really being a hardcore band. They’re even, at times, an indie band (albeit a pretty hard & angry indie band) without actually being an indie band. So probably best not to try & pigeonhole them. The band describe themselves as being “”¦the opposite of easy listening”, something I’d go along with to a certain extent. They definitely have the sort of rawness that can’t be called easy listening, but as for those really catchy melodies hidden away beneath, well that’s a different matter.

Far from being your “posh kids who’s parents bought them the most expensive guitars in the shop” these are five lads who grew up in Leeds housing estates, something they’re not happy about & that they used as the subject for their second release, the bilious, angry, thrusting & quite brilliant assault of “Council Flat Blues”. If it doesnt fill you with excitement then I doubt if anything with. It’s 3.29 minutes of straight up attitude.

I’ve seen them twice live now & as with a lot of bands of their ilk this is where they shine, not least because in singer George they’ve got a brilliant, confident, prowling frontsperson, whose very look & behaviour embodies what Eagulls are about. Their live reputation has won them prized support slots for such luminaries as Flipper, Milk Music, Ceremony, Iceage and of course Pulled Apart By Horses themselves. An impressive list & one that I wouldn’t be surprised to find them join eventually as equals.

Eagulls have a new EP out soon (July 16th) on Sexbeat records & as a palette whetter the label have released a stream of one of the tracks off it. As you’d expect if you’re familiar with the band it’s full of furious guitar work & the sort of crunching drums that do weird things in the pit of your stomach. And yep, it also has the ridiculous catchiness that their best & most well known songs have.

Eagulls have a couple of live shows lined up but hopefully they’ll decide they want to do a full UK tour to help promote the new (self titled EP). If so I recommend you go see them.

19thJuly ”“ Camp Bassment, London

20th July ”“ Brudenall Social, Leeds (free entry)

You can order the EP direct from Sexbeat or their Bigcartel page. Eagulls can also be found on Facebook & Twitter.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guidoman & uses Tumblr.

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  1. Good article – great band – I’ve seen these a couple of time myself now and this at the moment


    …is one of my favorite tunes so far this year. However, can anyone confirm wether this is available or even if this is the correct title?


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