Dexateens Sunsphere EP artworkSharing a member with Drive By Truckers, recent tour support for Alabama Shakes and a full length due out in 2014 – it’s all happening for Alabama band the Dexateens.

Having released five albums since forming in 1998 they aren’t a new band in themselves, however we think they may be new to many of you. Francesca Quinn checks out their new EP Sunspheres.

Originating in Alabama, the Dexateens are a rock band with a classic, warm feel and a trace of country on certain songs. It’s a feel that can do nothing but make you love them.

When listening to their latest EP, Sunsphere, I noticed the fact that they’re a bit like Led Zeppelin on the IV album but with a bit more to it instrumental wise. They have a slight grungy touch to them which differentiates them from the aforementioned band, a slightly wilder side to their music like on the intro to Foxhole Rock.

I find that the Dexateens possess that rare quality in a band that is to be able to write great music whilst adopting different writing and/or music styles.

My first impression of Sunsphere was thoroughly mind blowing, I remember thinking that I’d never heard anything of the sort, thinking how fresh and different they are to the music I generally listen to and, as I mentioned before, how varied their music is.

Sunsphere feels kind of like going on a quest – they start off enthusiastic and ready for anything that’s thrown at them, then they sort of calm down as they’re finally struck by how long said journey is going to be, how difficult it will be. Then they go through a series of different emotions, until finally reaching the end of their voyage, finishing with a celebration.


If I were to pick a favourite track out of these eight songs I wouldn’t choose Sunsphere with its light intro with such contrast to the choruses; or Foxhole Rock’s more edgy guitar riffs and chaotic yet controlled drumming. Instead I choose Constantine, the song that reminds me of The Battle Of Evermore by Led Zep, I’m reminded of that song by the lead singer’s vocals and the style of lyrics.

Those aren’t the only reasons for my appreciation of Constantine, I also love the classic, slightly rough, frayed instrumental that works so well with the vocals that I can only describe as a Kurt Cobain / Robert Plant cross.

Their full length release in 2014 will be their fifth album since the band formed in 1998 – about time they find appreciation with a wider audience.


You can find out more about Dexateens on their website, follow them on Twitter or find them on Facebook. The Sunsphere EP is released on Cornelius Chapel Records now, a full length release will follow in 2014.

All words by Francesca Quinn.

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