Abby press shot black and white by Nico Wöhrle

Abby press shot black and white by Nico WöhrleIt’s time to head off around the world again and let Louisa Zimmer bring us some new music from Germany, in the form of ABBY.

ABBY is not just an upcoming band from Germany but also a unique musical concept; the band tells stories from their friends’ perspective. Those friends are called Adam, Evelyn, Jones, Annie, Danny and Abby, the main character. The whole band relies on this concept.

“I wanted to create a new frame in which I write the lyrics. It seemed like an interesting idea to me, there was no special motivation behind it”, explains Filou who is the songwriter of the band. “Our friends were fine and happy with it. I’m not quite sure if they felt honored but they were definitely happy about it. They don’t share the same names as the characters in our songs though.”

ABBY’s songs unite pop music with Berlin’s electronic vibes. Filou, Henne, Lorenzo and Tilly met while studying at a small pop academy in Mannheim, southern Germany. Formed in 2009 the boys moved to Berlin.

Despite being huge supporters of Berlin’s electronic music scene the band names the ’70s as their biggest influence:

“Our sound is strongly influenced by music from the ’70s. Bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or The Doors. Our oldest influences are from Britain and not from Germany. We don’t really draw comparisons to other musicians though. We want to do our own thing”, says Lorenzo.

Their strongest ability is the power of combining different genres. While they describe their own style as ‘rave rock’ there are also elements of classical to be found in ABBY’s songs. There’s even a classical rearrangement of their latest single Monsters.


Friends and Enemies was recorded in Kensaltown Studios and later mixed at Abbey Road Studios. Before the album release the band already gigged in the United States and Britain. After a year of touring in Germany they want more:

“We want world domination. What’s the point in resting nowadays? Next up is the release of our EP in Great Britain. After that we want to release our album in the other European countries and the whole world.”

Until then the bands website seems like a good place to find out more. Apart from the usual stuff you can also read through the scrapbook of the virtual characters.


Find out more about ABBY on their website.

All words by Louisa Zimmer. Image by Nico Wöhrle.

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