virgin kids
virgin kids

the virgin kids

This LP is a joint release between Fluffer and Burger (US) Records. The 8 track LP is fast, furious, noisy and snotty in equal amounts. The first track has a very minimalist solo, but which is used to great effect.

This band, if anything, has GREAT tunes and this is overtly portrayed in ‘Never nude’. Some of the tracks have a Jesus and Mary Chain feel to them as in the vocals are telephoned in amongst a fuzzy and distorted accompaniment.

As the LP progresses, the influences affected by this band appear more and more. The tunes keep on coming and the freshness of the band just seeps through to the final songs. ‘Be your friends’ is an absolute stand out track that is simple in its construction, yet big in its delivery. There is a definite ‘Anti-folk’ element to this final track that, on reflection, permeates throughout the LP.

This band may come across as ‘cute’ from first listen, but have another go. There is lots to offer from this band and they are far from ‘cute’. Good stuff!


Due out March 2016 via Burger Records (US) and Fluffer Records (UK). Virgin Kids can be found via their soundcloud and their Facebook page.

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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