New Band of the Day – The Loaded

Coventry four-piece The Loaded stick ear-ringing bombastic riffs underneath their indie-inspired melody and vocal for a set of solid songs influenced by rock, grunge and alternative.

I’ve seen The Loaded a good few times now and they are growing. I saw them at Taylor John’s House by the Coventry Canal Basin on Friday and while watching them realised I liked them a lot, and decided to share them with you.

They are a four piece from Coventry and they nailed it that night. The sound they make isn’t straightforward, it comes from an indie sensibility, ground up in the influence of grunge, rock and the bombast of Britpop, with a backbone of glorious noise behind it.

The Loaded are Paul Quinn on vocals, tambourine and guitar, the spirit of the band, smiling constantly between songs and utterly caught up in the performance when they are playing. Jon Harte on guitar, the sound he creates cover huge blasts of sound and the delicate notes of soloing over the music. Jez Hanley on bass, standing still and providing a rock solid backbone for the music along with Dave Emery on steady and tight drums.

The rhythm section drive this band. Jon’s guitar goes from slabs of sound to doodling solos. The sound gets bigger when Paul plays guitar as well. But he is equally at home with a tambourine, resplendent in tracky top and his usual huge grin when the sound dies down.

Playing live, there is core of volume at the heart of The Loaded the like of which I remember from Husker Du and their ilk, not the sound but the feel behind the music. There’s a bedrock of guitar, bass and drums that is then built on but the songs wouldn’t work without it. They make a sound to make your ears ring to and your heart open up.

The sound always keeps its sense of fun. Especially live when the enthusiasm and effort Paul puts into the performance make even the most cynical local gig goer smile. They are a band that you should go and see. They are a band that you should go onto soundcloud and download what you can. They have released various tracks and the latest is a free EP just sitting there waiting for you.

Have a look and have a listen and, if you get a chance, see them live…because that’s when they shine.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.


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