Sepia-tinted indie pop; lo-fi reverb vocals, a background fuzz and a warm riff pulling it all together.

The Hobbes Fanclub blend the best of britpop, indie, garage and lo-fi for a distorted sound topped with soft vocals.

While there is an undeniable tweeness in their jangle there is also the distant vocal and chiming guitar of the Stone Roses seeping through, the ethereal echoing female voice of early Belle and Sebastian, a bounce with a shoegaze sheen.

The band, from Bradford, have melded psychedelic garage rock to yearning upbeat melancholia in a way that oozes with nostalgia yet manages not to sound like a replica of what’s already gone before.

There first two split singles sold out but you can check them out combined as an EP on a pay-what-you-like basis from Bandcamp.



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