New Band of the Day: The Babs Johnson Gang

Louder Than War writer Chris Hearn stumbled across a new band the other day, one he wants to tell us all about. So read on to find out more about The Babs Johnson Gang, a band full of punk, spunk & diy attitude.

Holy geez. I just stumbled upon something and it is so wicked that I have to share it.

So, as I do, I visited on Youtube to see what new videos have been posted. I see this one called “The Hipster Song” by the Babs Johnson Gang (see below). First comment I see in the comment section is “What is this shit?” so I just had to listen! Well, let me tell you this, it isn’t. It isn’t shit that is.

This is good, passionate, heavy, DIY, indie, punk, garage, metal, rock or whatever you want to call it. According to a quote on their Facebook page from an unknown source, their sound is dubbed “yellcore”. Okay then. Regardless, these kids are freakin’ AWESOME. Even with fairly low production values, this comes across brilliantly. Actually, the low production values give it a brutal, REAL edge. It’s just raw and filled with creative energy and full of personality! And this video is so much fun and about as low budget as you can get. Paper masks: A very inexpensive prop that adds comedic mystery and intrigue … sorta. Skateboarding, a weird second log cut to some lady, white noise, a second long cut to a baby – a very cool and weird experience. Man, do I love these punks.

These guys get it. They get what good low-fi rawk and punk and roll is about! It may seem lazy, but Nirvana is the first band that pops into my mind here and, ironically enough, after doing some digging I did find The Babs Johnson Gang doing a live cover of “Breed” (see above) which makes sense. But, comparisons can also be made with the Black Keys (although very loosely) especially on this song:

Ultimately, however, they sound like the Babs Johnson Gang. They manage to come across as unique which is not so easy these days. So, hats off to them! This two piece gang might not be able to take on the Bloods or Crypts, but they can sure make some ears bleed. So, who is the Babs Johnson Gang? They are Tim Pronovost on guitar and Cory Gorey on drums, with both doing vocals. They hail from Sacramento, California. And they don’t appear to actually have a disc or download available as of yet. Hopefully that changes and someone quickly catches on to the fact that these guys totally and completely RAWK! Until then, check out their Facebook page and give them more than the mere 137 likes they have at the moment!

All words by Chris Hearn. You can read more from Chris on LTW here.

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