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New Manchester shoegaze band Shinies have been floating our Tokyo correspondent, Katie Clare’s, boat since we sent her a download of their new double A sided single a couple of weeks ago. Here she tells us why you too should pay attention to their lo-fi blastery.

There’s an unimpeded sexual frustration firing from my speakers in the guise of lurching, growling guitars and youthfully angelic singing. It’s caught me a little off balance, the production is just about sitting on the fence of polished but defiantly kicking it’s legs around in a lo-fi garden & I actually loose my train of thought. ~ those were my thoughts the first time I listened to ‘Ennui’. Malcontent I am not: is this song title a tricky little act of reverse psychology? The track is certainly a blisteringly tasty bite of dirty guitars & memorable melody and is the soon to be released second single from Shinies.

This South Manchester group have been busy since their December 2011 birth, the original three members Adam, Ric and Tom ~ thrust forward at something akin to break-neck speed by their demo, ‘Spent Youth’ a near flawless lo-fi bubble filled with a frivolous buzzing reverb laid bare at the feet of wild abandonment, it near begs for adult responsibilities to just try and take verdant zeal away. Dirty Bingo Records released the Shinies début single ‘Shola’ / ‘Pillow Talk’ in April this year, a duo of heart lifting parcels filled with lustful grungy guitars, endearing evocative lyrics and flirtatious harmonies, it all gets quite blush inducing. It was after their first release that bassist Joe Fisher joined to complete the band.

SHINIES – Shola from Dirty Bingo Records on Vimeo.

While there is an authentically self styled aural stamp to the Shinies catalogue so far, I couldn’t say it’s screamingly unique, there is a certain shoe-gaze aesthetic that blankets all their tracks, however it’s well blended with a charming new wave pop, boyish camaraderie and youthful desire; it is undeniably alluring, they may not have been maturing their sound while speeding back and forth up the motorways in the back of a transit, the SHINIES seem to have been catapulted forward, their making tracks with producers in demand and are about to release their second single as a double A side in October. Indeed the future looks as their band name indicates as long as they continue to create impressively vivacious tracks like they have done so far, there seems no reason to slow down their whirlwind.

Ennui / Eighteen is released on October 22nd 2012 and pre-orders include a free download of bonus track ‘Ribbons’. Available for pre-order here.

Shinies – Facebook page is here.

Shinies – soundcloud page is here.

SHINIES ”“ Shola official video

All words by Katie Clare. More articles by Katie can be found here.

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