New Band of the Day – Second Hand Guns

This alternative indie-rock band from Manchester play passionate, sometimes sneering, occasionally gentle rock and roll.

With a five-track EP (Bad Press from Silhouettes) out to download Second Hand Guns sprinkle their guitar-led tunes with subtle surprises.

Chinese Symbols has the gravel-voiced thrusting vocal of a Gallagher but the forever happy bouncing back beat of ’60s pop. On top of this it’s got a wry and sly lyric in the vein of the finest musical put downs.

Other tracks take on the racing rhythms and brash northern vocal of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis while the melodies take on a shinier aspect recalling bands like Puressence.

One Touch brings in a balls-out riff that gets up in your face before adding a more nuanced guitar line that takes you from aural confrontation to dancefloor.

With two prominent frontmen this four-piece ratchet up the riffs in a stereotypically rock n roll way.

The elements of these songs may not be original but the wit in the lyric and the twist of melody twirling around the beating of an honest heart makes Second Hand Guns well worth your time – leading the way in an often dismissed genre.

Second Hands Guns are currently on tour in the north. You can catch them in Newcastle tonight and Sheffield tomorrow.

All words by Sarah Lay. You can read more from Sarah on LTW here or follow her on Twitter.

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Sarah is a former editor of Louder Than War and a freelance music writer for numerous other publications online and in print. Co-owner of Reckless Yes Records she has put out music by LIINES, Pet Crow and lots of other awesome bands as well as put on shows by bands including Bivouac, Mark Morriss, Desperate Journalist and Dream Nails. She's an author, user experience designer and digital content strategist, as well as an occasional broadcaster. Sarah is a compulsive collector of coloured vinyl, a believer in the boogie and is in love with possibilities.


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