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Rule By Thieves (Savour Your Scene Records)
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New Irish band Ilenkus confound people who like to box bands off into categories according to Colin McCracken, although tags them “hardcore, progressive metal & alternative”. Read on for a more in depth introduction to the band.

Sometimes the most exceptional things can happen in the places where we least expect it. Ilenkus are a band from the West Coast of Ireland who have, for some time, been causing quite a commotion amongst the underground scene with their own particular brand of genre crossing, complex musical brutality.

Each review and write-up of Ilenkus that you read will contain a multitude of different attempts to allocate a particular category in which to place this band. Everything from Mathcore, Metalcore, Post Hardcore and Prog Rock get a mention in their existing reviews and whilst their debut album ”ËœRule By Thieves’ most certainly contains elements which derive from a veritable plethora of influences, the unique thing here is that they’ve managed to create something new from it all.

One of the most enjoyable things about ”ËœRule By Thieves’ is that it never allows the listener’s mind to wander. No sooner do you think that you’ve familiarised yourself with the structure of a track than it subsequently takes an entirely unexpected turn into anything from Mike Pattonesque freeform squealing to well constructed electronica. The arrangements on this album are fantastic and even though there is a raw, unpolished sound to the production; the dexterity and abilities of the musicians and vocalists more than make up for it. The drums are a particular strong point and the overall effect of the record is that you simply want to hear it played live.

Ilenkus are frequently touring and it’s only a matter of time before they become a regular staple on the European festival circuit. Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Atlas Moth, Mastodon and Tool should most definitely investigate ”ËœRule By Thieves’. Make sure that you are not too hasty with your judgments, however, as they will most certainly pull out all of the stops to both surprise and impress you.

Stream / Download the album at the Ilenkus’ Bandcamp.

Ilenkus is on Facebook.

Ilenkus is also on Twitter.

Ilenkus – Great Divide [Official Music Video] from Ilenkus on Vimeo.

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more from Colin on LTW here, on his website The Zombie Hamster or follow him on Twitter.

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