Helicopter Spies

Helicopter Spies: Feed the Flashback (self released)

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Helicopter Spies

Helicopter Spies is a new collaboration between Ashley Cooke (Pulco) and Dave Hirst of Derrero.  So, you get to realise, there’s stuff you missed and one of them, for me was Derrero, first time round. I don’t know, wasn’t paying attention I guess. But here I get to atone through a dollop of synchronicity that’s both beautiful and staggering I get to have a second go. Not with Derrero though – but with their offspring here in the form of Helicopter Spies.

In terms of style notes; open guitar work, light of thought and easy of attitude, reined in percussion. Dips, no, doesn’t dip, just lunges into a memory driven and humour tied chorus. And yes, you can hear laughter, threaded on its return with a dose of howling abandon.

So melodic, heart to hand, resonant guitar, edging from new acoustic sounding stuff switching over to something more electric (in both senses, electrifying and reverb full amplification). And this isn’t only flashback though. “We hope to get an album out next year,” Ashley Cooke adds, temptingly.  “Writing for Heli Spies is different to any of the other collaborations … I want to write songs in the same way that I used to with Derrero where we loved harmony and good tunes but we also loved exploring odd time signatures and randomness.”

Consider the flashback fed and needy…


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Words by Rebecca Sowray, find her Louder Than War archive here.

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