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From Hamburg, Grausame Tochter are quite spectacle.

With a full on live show that combines nudity, flesh, whips, Sadomasochim, theatricals, blood, sex and madness that makes Rammstein look lightweight – they are deliberately over the top and quite literally in your face.

They can also back it up with powerful music that is off kilter post Goth, latex beat EBM, cabaret-music, punk, gothic, electro-pop which really works in spooked and hooky way.

Their current album, Vagina Dentata, is about lust and death because ‘they are the only things we can count on in this fragile and broken world’

Reflections of Darkness website described them as…
GRAUSAME TÖCHTER was founded in 2009 by singer Aranea Peel and drum player Gregor Hennig. The lyrics are all about sadomasochism and relational conflicts. The show itself is known for its BDSM elements and thus not for the weak hearted. Peel and her women on stage do not flinch about showing nudity and shocking SM. The music itself can best be described as a mixture of EBM, industrial, punk and techno.


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