New Band of the Day: A Forest of Stars

It’s a fact that black metal tends to be under represented in the UK music press & although we try our hardest to cover as many different genres on Louder Than War as possible we’re probably as guilty of this as the next music website. BUT NOT TODAY! Because today, ladies & gentlemen, we give you the frankly astonishingly brilliant A Forest Of Stars.

Leeds-based Black Metallers ‘A Forest of Stars’ are by far one of the UK’s most progressive, unique and innovative bands currently operating within the scene. The three albums they have released to date, ‘The Corpse of Rebirth (2008) and ‘Opportunist Thieves of Spring’ (2010) were both outstanding slabs of Avant-garde psychedelia with flutes, violins, spoken word passages and even elements of folk music sitting comfortably next to the more traditional Black Metal standards of harsh vocals, extreme riffs and blastbeats.

July 2012 saw the release of the bands incredible third studio album entitled ‘A Shadowplay for Yesterdays’ on the Lupus Lounge label. Prior this the band put out what I consider to be the most visually stunning and transfixing promo video for many years which you can see below …

Clocking in at over 9 minutes, the short film accompanying the track ‘Gatherer Of The Pure’ is a thing of great beauty but yet at the same time sinister and disturbing. It is essentially the concept and story present on the ‘Shadowplay..’ album in animated form.

I recently saw the band play a homecoming show in Leeds as part of a co-headline tour with fellow UK Black Metal outfit ‘Wodensthrone’ and they were utterly captivating and more than capable of reproducing the complexeties of the recorded material. A prestigious high profile slot at the well respected ‘Roadburn’ festival in 2013 performing the ‘Shadowplay..’ album in its entirety has been confirmed and on the strenght of what I saw in Leeds, should be magnificent.

For further info on this intriguing band go here.

All words by Andy santiago. More writing by Andy on Louder Than War can be found here.

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