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KHAN – Broadswords/Every Man (Gravy Records)
Out Now

Todays new band is a Norwich three-piece called KHAN who formed out of the ashes of three other Norwich bands. They ratchet up the ante with some punchy rock music & below Chris Hearn introduces the band to you with the help of their recent first release.

Okay, I have to get it out of the way: “KHAAAAANNNNNNN!” Alright, done!

So, KHAN is a band from Norwich featuring three fine young men: Paul Dewbery on vocals and guitar, James Davey on bass and vocals and Lee Bowyer on drums”¦.no vocals apparently. This is a band made up of dudes left bandless after the demise of Pistolas, UHOHs and Kunk, all three of which were impressive bands themselves!

KHAN released a new single on July 16th called “Broadswords”, with “Every Man” as the B-side. According to the record company (the deliciously named Gravy): “Their debut single ”¦ is a hefty mutha”¦It is clear on this record that KHAN are a brilliant live band ”“ they syphon their ballsy brazenness onto the record at full volume ”“ point your ears in their (general) direction! QUICK!” Well, okay, but from this I expected something pretty hardcore, which this wasn’t. I believe the PR team also used the term “bone crushing”. It’s not. It is loud garage rawk, indeed. It’s good, just wasn’t what I was quite expecting. There are comparisons made to Nirvana. No, I didn’t hear that in here. What I did hear was a great intro – a Dick Dale style guitar entry which I like a whole lot. Then, bam, into a pretty steady, and fairly intense rawk song! They shout very well, in an interestingly melodic way. Lee Bowyer just beats the hell out of the drums, which in that sense, reminds me of Dave Grohl. I suppose, to me, they sound a lot like The Cribs, only a little more pissed off; no, make that a whole lot more pissed off.

At points they sound like Refused, only not quite as angry or heavy. So, really, they could be more pissed off than they are if they tried. Truthfully, they sound like a whole lot of indie rawk garage bands out there, nothing ground breaking in that respect, but they do what they do awfully well. They didn’t melt my face off or blow my ears to bits like I was hoping, but that’s okay; less painful that way. It is much harder and grittier and stripped down than what their past bands put out. The B-Side, “Everyman”, is a strong song as well.


I like the way the two vocalists work together, calling off one another, keeping the vocals almost relentless and constant until snap, it all stops for a brief moment, then WHAM, back at it. Both songs are brief, but powerful. Their Facebook page has the slogan “Big riffs, bug muffs, big drums”. Well, pretty big riffs, ya. Gigantic drums! Muffs? I think it means they are quite furry, and generally speaking furry guys (and gals!) do know how to RAWK! And, indeed, KHAN know how to rawk, while keeping your face unmelted.

Want some KHAN of your own? You can order the KHAN “Broadswords” CD single at the Gravy website for 3 pounds! Two other KHAN songs can be downloaded at KHAN’s bandcamp.

Of course, KHAN is on Facebook and twitter. Be sure to stalk them!

All words by Chris Hearn. More articles by Chris can be found here.

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