Bristling Birmingham rockers Wood and Nails have announced details of an upcoming single, ‘Sorrow’, as well as their first headline gig, which will take place at Birmingham Sunflower Lounge.

The emo-tinged alternative outfit, led by Paul Beaumont, have already gained plaudits for their urgent, wiry debut EP, The Night Before, but have taken great leaps forward with their new single. ‘Sorrow’, which will be released on Friday 29 July, takes their debut’s raw ethos and adds a refreshing melodic sensibility, channeling the scrappy emo of their earlier work into post-grunge waters.

Beaumont’s weary croak recalls Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips, all bulging veins and bittersweet introspection. Most importantly, ‘Sorrow’ shows signs of development – rather than standing still and gilding the lily, Beaumont and the band articulate a desire for growth and progression. The contemplative ruminations still loom as large as they did on Wood and Nails’ debut, but are matured and fermented, like a punky whisky. Just like their forefathers – anyone from Westerberg to Woomble – Wood and Nails are evolving, growing and developing.

The band are celebrating ‘Sorrow’ with a headline slot at Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge, which will take place on Saturday 30 July. You can purchase tickets here.

The Night Before serves as a pinpoint introduction to the band’s blend of cathartic choruses, reflective riffs and knee jerk rhythms, not least in the propulsive, passionate title track. Musically, fans of Texas Is the Reason, The Promise Ring and Sunny Day Real Estate will take great pleasure in what the EP can offer.


Wood and Nails are on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Sam Lambeth is a Birmingham-based writer, journalist and musician. You can read more of his work at his blog, and he is also releasing a record for Teenage Cancer Trust. You can donate here.


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