Vex puts his ‘Guilt’ aside for a while to start the dance with a new take on electropop. Louderthanwar’s Christopher Lloyd reports.

Meet Tobias Kastberg, who has taken time away from playing in the amazingly frenetic band ‘The Guilt’ to form a new solo act, named Vex. Tobias professes to having bad hair but great dance moves, and upon listening to the first tasters from his upcoming album, Average Minds Think Alike, it’s not difficult to see why he wouldn’t be good at throwing shapes on the kitchen dance floor.

The sound of Vex is one of pulsating electronic pop in the vein of Devo, albeit re-imagined in a euro-dance fashion whilst adding a sprinkling of angular post-punk aggression. Lyrically Vex takes on the classic tropes of feeling the emotional outsider, although far from taking a naval-gazing approach to that topic, it’s approached with a more knowing and playful edge.

Fittingly, the studio the debut album was recorded in is entitled GG All In Studio’s, located in Malmö, Sweden.

The debut album ‘Average minds think alike’ is set for release on March 12th 2021, and comes in a variety of formats including a very limited amount of vinyl album copies which come with a special yellow liquid window sleeve, which Tobias thought “sounded like a terrible idea at the time, and it’s funny ’cause it’s true!”

You can find out more on Vex at his official Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram pages.


Words by Christopher Lloyd, Vex Photograph by Johan Lilja. More writing by Christopher can be found at his author’s archive.

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