New Artist of the Day: Unstoppable Death MachinesAs Unstoppable Death Machines, New York brothers Mike and Billy Tucci create a uniquely convulsive performance-based noise racket that lives up to their name.

The Tucci brothers may look like a couple of romance novel cover models, until they strap on their homemade Bane supervillain face mic apparatuses and scream distortedly through their violently dense sonic sludge about slumlords, head trauma, and other cheery topics.

Unstoppable Death Machines began in 2008, inspired by the ‘do more with less’ punk philosophy and the wall of sound noise rock of late 80s/early 90s underground bands like Distorted Pony and Ministry.

Their live shows have spanned humble basement dives to the Queens Museum of Art and everywhere else inbetween, and have earned them a reputation that involves blood, beer, piñata parties and epilepsy. They have the artistic proclivities of fellow New York DIY punk duo Japanther, but are ultimately a much more fearsome beast with a frazzled, Technicolor intensity. The UDM sound is made up of savagely distorted vocal fuzz, tough monster slabs of riffs and big, pounding beats with industrial dance undertones. Their name, while certainly a memorable conversation point, more than accurately reflects the raging, demoniac momentum of their music, and being brothers gives the pair a discernibly warm fraternal energy which also works in their favor.

Unstoppable Death Machines are also highly visually conscious, and have several creative videos to accompany their music, including a grow room full of weed plants standing in as the band (Shake It Crazy) and a very cool collaborative animation project (Do the Devo) featuring cameos from Snoopy, Skeletor, and Bart Simpson, as well as several hand-drawn dicks.


Their latest 12” out now on Beat Imprint, Single Clarity, is anything but; a staggering ten minute improvised metallic noise attack that promises to punch your face into an unrecognizable pulp.

As described by the band: “Single Clarity was written as it was recorded. We multi-track record ourselves whenever we jam and write. This 12″ is about ten minutes of improvised music, straight from our souls. The B side of the vinyl has a hand drawn logo etched by, Mike (bass). Improvisation has always been an inspiration in our writing process. For this release, Austin label & art collective, Beat Imprint, approached us about doing a unique and limited release by writing us simply using their label statement, an excerpt from Gil Evans’ Improvisations In Jazz: ‘There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous. He must paint on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush and black water paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment. Erasures or changes are impossible. These artists must practice a particular discipline, that of allowing the idea to express itself in communication with their hands in such direct way that deliberation cannot interfere. The resulting pictures lack the complex composition and textures of ordinary painting, but it is said that those who see will find something captured that escapes explanation.’”


Come celebrate the beauty of chaos with Unstoppable Death Machines!


Unstoppable Death Machines are on Facebook and Twitter. Band photograph by Nick McManus.

All words by Carrie Quartly, you can read more of her writing on the site here.

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