new artist of the day : The Whereabouts – raw garage rock beat thrills in suits from Ireland












The Whereabouts facebook page

Ireland is on a roll at the moment.

There is so much musical talent coming out that it’s hard to keep up.

We have been documenting The Strypes since the beginning and it’s great to see them break into the mainstream.

It’s inevitable that would be more bands of the same ilk but the Whereabouts (average age 16) have taken the sharp suits, sharp riffs thing on their own trip. They have a great rawness about what they do and the guitars sound like razor blades and their songs are adrenalised and thrilling.

Hailing, ironically from the same town as The Strypes, Cavan the band are making a cool noise with their raucous take on the dawn of beat rush.

Makes you wonder is everyone in Cavan is dressed in sharp suits and make great sharp R’n’B anthems…


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