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Sheffield residents, The Vuromantics are proudly set to release their forthcoming EP ‘In The Night’, October 20th on Alya Records. The five-track Ep offers a charming sophisticated slice of popular fusion in soulfulness, electronics, and funkiness, with musical influences ranging from, Future Islands, Pulp, to Client Liasion.

Most certainly, The Vuromantic quintet delivers both a wonderful texture and richness within instrumental and vocal aspects of the EP, demonstrating throughout an appreciation for their individual talents. Lead vocalist, Sam Christie owns a Sauve soulfulness to his compelling vocal dynamic, shifting singing styles through a wonderful sphere of instrumental complementaries and Fx’s. These songs highlight the less obvious perspective of love where there exists an unknowing in how to approach love and a battle with oneself against lingering feelings. This Ep feels incredibly fresh and vibrant, as bright catchy keys dance along in the opening title track, ‘In The Night’ accompanied by a funky, infectious bassline and synth textures that will have you on your feet and shuffling within an instant. A remarkable dynamic weaves a distinctive atmosphere which jumps out on each and every track of the EP, undeniably demonstrating the diversity and magnificent potential of this talented band. Lock tight into the title track ‘In The Night’ and melt into a taste of what is to come regarding the release.

Track two ‘Questions’ shifts towards the tones and textures of a smooth soul track with a jazzy/blues roots foundation. Bass driven; the velvety vocal clarity and instrumental layers offer a depth of colour to the sonic pallet. Most definitely a tantalizing song to turn you on and get you in the mood. Track three ‘The Wave’ delivers another beautiful shift in atmosphere as this delicately arranged delight offers a spacey vocal with gorgeous electronic synth-key layers to provide a light airy track that will have you uplifted and drifting off on a cloud. ‘The Wave’ is, without doubt, the most electronic instrumentally based track on the Ep, allowing the vocal fx to gently guide as well as sit back to allow the listener to paint their own picture and create their own story. Track four, ‘Not Over You’ brings forward again the striking vocal of Sam with his irresistible charismatic warm vocal that projected in a confident and purposeful manner, instantly reminding me of the vocal tones of, Philip Oakey, leading romantic from, The Human Leauge. This track owns an infectious guitar hook which elegantly dances around keys and a burly bassline. The final track ‘Glory’ could easily sit as a gripping soundtrack to a film as it drips with classy elegance and a special depth of catchiness in its overall structural flow. Offering a kind-hearted sentiment of wishing nothing but glory for ya, rounding off an excellent exhibition of The Vuromantics vast expanse in musical taste and richness in instrumental and vocal interplay. Most certainly this EP is set to add a touch of uplfiting class to your music collection.

Vuromantics ‘In The Night’ EP is available to pre-order now at:

& keep up to date with the band’s forthcoming tour dates.

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