New Artist of the Day: The Plains – folk, prog, electronica impossible to categorise

The Plains is impossible to bracket.

This is a good thing in a music scene full of mice scurrying for the shelter of genre.

One song is brooding tribal prog electronic – progtronic anyone?

The next is almost like acoustic folk – full of misty melody and yearning, then the next combines all that with the scurrying rush and skips of dub step. It’s all beautifully played and has a brooding slightly tripped out atmosphere to it all.

The other connection is that all the songs are great – it’s early days yet but any music that defies classifying is great. It’s steeped in the early seventies and yet doesn’t sound dated and the songs complex melodies already sound like bedsit classics…

The Plains can be found on Facebook (under his name of Jack Wakeman) and on Twitter as @Jack_Wakeman1.

Listen to the Plains below:

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