New Artist of the Day: The Hotelles

Band of brother’s The Hotelles make a great  punk / pop sound & are deffo ones to look out for says Jay Rawley who introduces you to the band below.

Ok, just because The Hotelles are a band of siblings does not necessarily mean they’re going to be a great band. And with the history of the likes of the brothers Gallagher, sometimes “brotherly love” can be more of a curse. But there must be something in the water up in Kent, UK because The Hotelles are really good.

Burning the punk / pop torch, but with an honesty and energy that can only come with youth, The Hotelles, (pronounced Hotels), can pound with the best of them, but they also have a bit of musical sophistication that really belies their age.

The band is comprised of brothers Tom, Ben and Sam Easton, and on their third release, the a/b sided “Movie Reel” b/w “She Hasn’t Slept For Weeks” they deliver the goods. With hints of everyone from Paul Westerberg to The Clash, but always thoroughly British, “She Hasn’t Slept For Weeks”, is about as subtle as a jackhammer to the head. Stabbing guitars, (Telecasters, not Rickenbackers), and a leathery vocal from Tom punctuate this no frills track, which I bet sounds great live.

Next up is “Movie Reel”.  Somewhat slower, we can catch a bit of a breath on this one. Punkier than Beady Eye, and with a bit of harmony, I’m sure this one will have heads bobbing all the way from their rehearsal space to Glastonbury. Their video for this one is by Amanda Tooke, and features live footage and cutaway shots of the band with a DIY feel that’s just fun to watch.


They do have a pretty active You Tube channel and check their website for their show schedule, (and get a free download), and catch these guys up close and personal, before you have to settle on seeing them whilst you stand in the mud with 50,000 of your closest friends.

You can find their website here, follow them on Twitter here, or find their Facebook page here.


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