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One of the great things about writing about music is the way that it just comes at you from all angles.
Strolling along outside the BBC media City I had this CD of The Delaplains thrust into my hand by a couple of cool looking dudes who turned out to be the band and when I played it it sounded great.

The band claimed a big interest in sixties triply guitar pop and shoegazing and they also come armed with that sort of tough innocence of the early Roses- those winsome songs of the Roses pre fame period like Mersey Paradise that dripped pure melody and a windowpane trippiness but couched in perfect vigmettes of guitar pop and armed with a singer with attitude.

Their song Eleanour is guitar pop perfection. It is so timeless it could be the Hollies going to number one in 1965 or with that perfect cheekbones Ian Brown in 1987 walking round to John Squires with a perfect song in his head. Go their bandcamp and listen to it now- it really is perfection.

Based in manchester and with a single released in the USA the Delaplains have got all the right stuff to get somewhere- the tunes, the cool, the passion and the mythical twist in the music that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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  1. The Smiths, The Beach Boys and The Roses moulded into one.. Delightful! x

  2. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar


    Superb band, restoring faith in Manchester’s ability to produce guitar-pop perfection.

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