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New Artist of the Day: The Bluebottle Veins

The Bluebottle Veins come from North Wlaes and are going to the top.

They play a switchbalde sharp jam of blues and rock n roll. Somehow, though, they have managed to make it into their own and it sounds urgent, vital and brilliant. They like to call themselves ‘blues rock with a jaunty little hat on’ which is all very fab and amsuing but doesn’t tell you how thrilling their music is.

There is an air of the spectral danger of the Gun Club, a touch of Captain Beefheart when he was playing the beach parties in the early days, a touch or prime time Led Zepp and a slash of the blues purism of all those post White Stripes bands- all those two piece blues gurus but what none of these newer bands have is the sheer electric excitement of the Bleubottle Veins who also cap it off with a singer who has that genius Marc Bolan vocal thing going on- that pre Trex period when Marc was doing his first Tyrannosaurus Rex demos with the bluesy rock n roll stylings leftover from his brief jaunt with mid sixties lunatics, Johns Children- I always loved MArc’s voice and whoever has got that flavour here in this band is as good.

Along with the Strypes the Bluebottle veins are part of something quite brilliant- a new rush of bands taking the electric blues and given them a teenage rush.

This band are really special.


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  1. The Bluebottle Veins are a brilliant band! Seen them twice now and i highly recommend you do the same! Their sound is like a breath of fresh air…Very Unique Band!


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