Undoubtedly, one of the great things about the internet and social media is the ability to find and listen to new music from anywhere around the world. The number of artists I’ve found this way is pretty impressive, so, imagine my surprise when I found one in the next borough to me via Twitter!

@MikeCornes is Shiny Rhino.

Based in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, Cornes has his own brand of synth pop. Written, produced and mixed all by himself, his brand is clearly based by ’80s pop. Incisive and often very very funny, you really can’t get his tunes out of your head.

Talking of which, Inside My Head is a stab at an accapella style tune. Layered voices and whistles and wah wahs, the track must have taken an age to record. The tale of understanding the goings on in an overactive brain. It’s an engaging track, and, I guarantee you’ll be singing it for a while.

Again And Again is a tale of love – living for that special moment which ends all too quickly. A poppy little thing with a repetitive chorus which, does its job as a chorus! I’m really reminded of all those great bands that nearly made it in the ’80s, and, in a good way!

The irony of I Thought I Heard Your Band On The Radio can’t go unnoticed. Unsigned, struggling band playing in your local pub. A bunch of mates who play together. We all have mates like this. Another cracking catchy tune.

Among the nine tracks currently uploaded, is another love song in the form of a garage/step affair. Unrequited love is the subject of Significant Other. I’m typing this and can’t get the melody out of my head. You really can’t ignore Mike’s ability to knock out a catchy enjoyable song.

Don’t be fooled, there’s not just happy little ditties here. My Sweet Rose tells the tale of a prostitute visitor who falls in love with his lady. Unable to give up on her, not understanding why she won’t share his love for her. His life is nothing without his Rose Deuce. And, on Jazz Lament, the pace slows right down. An instrumental, and, a very enjoyable one at that. I really do admire the conviction of Mike and the time and effort that must go into creating something, to be honest, so beautiful.

Nowadays, we have so much through away pop with no soul, that it’s great to hear something that someone has sweated blood and tears over.

Check out Shiny Rhino tunes on Bandcamp here – If you like something, why not cough up a few coppers and download?

All words by Paul Scott-Bates. You can read more from Paul on LTW here.

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  1. The Shiny Rhino Logo you’ve posted in this article does not belong to this band. It was designed by me for my music studio. Kindly remove it promptly. Thank you.


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