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With a striking look, a brilliant command of stripped down song writing and a crystal clear voice Natalie McCool is starting to make a real impression. She is one of the best young singer songwriters out there and is going to really break through soon.

From Widnes the young singer songwriter went to LIPA in Liverpool and even managed to get a songwriting session with Paul MacCartney who showed her how to write a bridge for one song. She had her own band at college called Kalorie before striking out on her own which suits her singleminded determination to get the music like it is in her own mind.

She had release a clutch of limited edition, low key releases and is now being produced by former Clash and Culture Club producer Steve Levine who has coaxed her brilliance out of her and leaves her ready to make a real impression with her heartfelt and brilliant songs that are really defined by her crystal clear voice.




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