6512DD06-8A3A-4D5E-B755-751A0251EB59From South Africa meet the face of 2018…

With her stunning tough beats and brilliantly in your face lyrics Moonchild Sanelly’s self styled future ghetto funk is so stunningly 2017 it’s perfect.

With bass heavy tough beats and rattling rhythms you can hear a new modern Africa in her music- an international pop music that will be in the top 10 within a year with the tough grooves of the 21st century entwined with Africa’s power of rhythm.

Moonchild Sanelly is also a full on presence who makes hilarious and pithy instagram to camera monologues about sex and modern life with a direct and funny delivery and combined with her wilful soul power of kooky image is a Grace Jones style physical and mental presence and a perfect 21st century pop star.


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