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Modern Blonde are a 3-piece electronic/post-punk band based in Chorlton, South Manchester. The band consists of two brothers, Adam & Tom Greenhalgh who share vocals, play keyboards and deal with the electronic side of things whilst the third member, Ben Silver plays guitar.

The band have an eclectic, varied sound which makes it hard to typecast them or slot them into just one or a few categories, but they tackle each of their songs in an equally passionate and refreshing manner. It would be fair to say that their main influences (amongst a massive array of others) are John Maus, David Bowie, Ariel Pink and Kraftwerk.

Some of their material is dark and gloomy whilst other songs are uplifting and euphoric. The band are already prolific in their own right, having self-released 2 full albums of work via Bandcamp, entitled Sorry! and Home Truths. Both are fantastic and show a real progression in their songwriting. A third album is on the way, boldy titled Off The Chain. It is enriching to see a band give away such quality material for free; many bands give out an EP or two free of charge but it isn’t often you see them giving away full album after album.

The group recently played their biggest shows to date: two gigs supporting Peter Hook & The Light in London (KOKO, Camden) and Manchester (the Cathedral, an ideal venue for the band’s gothic sound) which went down well and won them some new fans. They enlisted Adam Saylaby (bass) and Sebastien Perrin (guitar) to beef up their sound for live purposes. 2013 will hopefully be their year.

Modern Blonde can be seen live this Friday at the Factory, on Princess Street, Manchester.

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